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Squat Theatre TIMELINE
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a chronological list of plays and events by location

list of all plays & events between 1969-1972
based in - Budapest, Hungary
FRANCE 1971 May Nancy Theatre Festival, France
1972 August Surany, Hungary
1973 list of all plays & events in 1973
based in Budapest, Hungary
1973 August Balatonboglar, Hungary
POLAND 1973 October Wroclaw Theater Festival, Poland
1974-1976 list of all plays & events between 1974-1976
based in Budapest, Hungary
1974 June Danube Island, Hungary
FRANCE 1975 May Paris Biennale, France (film only)
1975 July
Nagymaros, Hungary
1976 Jan./Febr. the group emigrates to France
based in Paris, France
April Improvisations, La Peniche on Canal St. Martin, Paris
The Three Sisters, basement apartment, 27, rue des Abbesses, Paris
May Radikal Waltz (House Play), Centre Culturel de l'Abbaye, Paris
UK June Radikal Waltz (House Play), Oval House & ICA, London
GERMANY September Don Juan von Leporello, International Kunstmarkt, Dusseldorf, W-Germany
HOLLAND September The Three Sisters, Mickery Theater, Amsterdam, Holland
HOLLAND based in Rotterdam, Holland (January-April)
March - April Pig! Child! Fire! storefront, Rotterdam, Holland
FRANCE based in Paris, France (May-June)
May Pig! Child! Fire! storefront, 7, rue de la Monnaie, Festival Mondial du Theatre in Nancy, France
May Pig! Child! Fire! storefront of Palace Theatre, Festival of Liberation, Paris
1977 June the group emigrates to the United States
USA June Pig! Child! Fire! garage, The New Theater Festival, Baltimore
based in New York permanently
Pig! Child! Fire!, storefront on Ferdowsi Ave, Festival of Arts, Shiraz, Iran
IRAN August
The Three Sisters, open-air, top of the Actor's Academy, Teheran, Iran
IRAN August
Squat Theatre moves to a permanent location at 256 West 23rd street and stays in the house for the next 8 years.
From now on, the group lives in the 3 story building and they stage the plays in the storefront of their house.
USA September
September Pig! Child! Fire! Soho Bookstore, 307 West Broadway, New York
Pig! Child! Fire! 4 month run at Squat Theatre, 256 West 23rd Street, New York

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