5/8 | May 1978 | Theater Heute
Squat Theatre - Andy Warhol's Last Love (1978)
Scenes from the movie in the Squat Theatre's Andy Warhol's Last Love - projected on a curtain in the store front.

picture 1. Crazy Eddie commercial - with a narration of the Kafka novel The Emperor's Message.

picture 2. Ulrike Meinhof meets Andy Warhol (Eszter Balint and Stephan Balint)

picture 3. The messenger (Eric Daillie) attempts to deliver the message to Andy Warhol (Stephan Balint) who rides through Chinatown. Before he could complete his mission he gets shot by a woman (Eva Buchmuller) who suddenly enters through a door on the right side of the stage.

Photos by Theodore Shank