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Chronological list of concerts between 1979-1981

IN PREPARATION: weekly movie programs at Squat Theatre

Squat Theatre's building on 23rd street

Budapest 1969-1976

Mark Amitin files in Bobst Library, NYU

Kovacs Endre photos in the Ludwig Museum

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James White and the Flaming Demonics (December 28, 29 1979)

Joe Bowie's Defunkt in 1979Strangling Me With Your Love 1981Defunkt - the first album 1980

Nico song list at Squat Theatre concertk

Ikue Mori, Arto Lindsay, Tim Wright in 1980 - photo by Tom Warren
Sun Ra and his Intergalactic Arkestra played frequently at Squat Theatre
The Lounge Lizards - photo by Tom Warren

The Lounge Lizards in 1981; left to right: Evan Lurie, Tony Fier, John Lurie, Steve Piccolo, Arto Lindsay

Kid Creole and the Coconuts had their very first concert at Squat Theatre

record cover of Daevid Allen live at Squat Theatre


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