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Movie Program in Squat Theater (1980-1984)

In 1980 while working on our new play "Mr. Dead & Mrs. Free" we project 16 mm movies during the concerts and later this year start a cinema program on a regular weekly basis. Our movie program runs until we move out from the building in 1984. This is a partial list of the programs we present as double features or series organized according to a theme ("Czech New Wave", "Fashion & Film & Music", "Innocent 50s", "Femme Fatale" showing Charles Vidor's Gilda and F. Truffaut's Jules & Jim, "Films on Stake for Sex, Race, Religion, Politics & Profit" showing Richard Wright's The Native Son, Vilgot Sjomar's I'm Curious Yellow, Elia Kazan's Baby Doll, Max Ophuls' La Ronde, Michael Powell's Peeping Tom, Milos Forman's Firemen's Ball, I. Bergman's The Virgin Spring, S. Kubrick's Paths of Glory, M. Cimino's Heaven's Gate) or filmmaker (Shirley Clark and Robert Frank retrospectives see:) or special double features like Barbara Kopple's Harlan County U.S.A with Glauber Rocha's Terra em Transe or John Magnuson's The Lenny Bruce Performance Film with Fernandel's The Sheep Has Five Legs. We also project midnight movies such as Amos Poe's Unmade Beds,
The Harder They Come with Jimmy Cliff and DA Pennebaker's Montery Pop.

Squat movie flyer for Amos Poe's Unmade BedsThis list also includes movies screened at special events we organized such as Jim Jarmush's first film Ice as part of our program "Attractions & Choices" during The Golden Age of Squat Theatre,the revival series of our three plays, a 24 hour movie marathon, Super 8 and 16 mm movies by New York independent film makers Eric Mitchell's Underground USA, Amos Poe (Unmade Beds), Seth Tillett, James Nares (Rome '78, a No Wave cinema starring David McDermott, and many others like James Chance, Eric Mitchell from New York's underground scene), Stephen Torton (Watch Being Watched), Andrew Bergen & Harold Vogl (Measure Taken), John Lurie (Men in Orbit), Becky Johnston's (Sleepless Nights), Ron Rice (Queen Sheba Meets the Atom Man), Michel Auder (Viva, Viva), Jack Smith and many others.
Ron Rice Queen Sheba Meets the Atom Man on a flyer for Squat Movie Program Many of the programs are listed in the Voice Choice written by Jim Hoberman. "Movie in Squat Theatre" is organized by Klara Palotai and programmed with the input from Squat Theatre members, with occasional guest curators like Yvette Biro for Their Very First Films (first films by Spielberg, Scorsese, Godard, Polanski, Truffaut, Lucas and Coppola) see: and Edit DeAk (super 8 film festival). Projectionists are members of the group Eva Buchmuller, Anna Koos, Peter Halasz, Klara Palotai with occasional "guest" projectionists like friend of the theatre Arpad Ajtony during his stay in New York. All Village Voice/Soho Weekly News ads and publicity flyers are done by Eva Buchmuller.

Squat Theatre movie flyer detail24 hour Movie Marathon at Squat Theater
in double feature:
Barbara Kopple's Harlan County U.S.A & Glauber Rocha's Terra em Transe

Glauber Rocha Terra em Transe Barbara Kopple Harlan County USA

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