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Endre Kovács
Kassák House Studio - Squat Theatre
Photos of the History of the Hungarian Underground Theatre
curated by Dr. Vera Baksa-Soós
Opening of the exhibition in Ludwig Museum Budapest on September 9, 2004

second row: Marianne Balint on the left,Tom Bongolan in the middle,Peter Lajtay on the right
Peter Halasz
in the background photographer Endre Kovacs, opening speech by Can Togay
Endre Kovacs with Vera Baksa-Soos, curator of the exhibition
Peter Lajtay
Peter Halasz
Peter Lajtay and Peter Halasz
Can Togay
Ludwig Museum opening of exhibition
Kassák Ház Stúdió - Squat Theater
Kassák Ház Stúdió - Squat Theater
Kassák Ház Stúdió - Squat Theater

"Endre Kovács photographed the group and documented them when they went underground in Budapest after being banned, following their achievement of success in New York as the Squat Theater. The result is a backstage pass few have ever enjoyed."

Kovács Endre: Kassák Ház Stúdió - Squat Theatre
Fényképek a magyar színházi underground történetéből
Ludwig Múzeum Budapest - Kortárs Művészeti Múzeum
2004. szeptember 9-én 18,00 órakor
Megnyitotta Halász Péter és Can Togay