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  Squat Theatre group photos


Village Voice centerfold for the opening of Dreamland Burns in the Kitchen

1986 Dreamland Burns in New York, at the Kitchen (Village Voice Centerfold)

The cast of Mr. Dead & Mrs. Free
1981 Mr. Dead & Mrs. Free - Munich, Germany

SOS for Squat a Village Voice article, 1980
1980 - Village Voice article by Arthur Sainer, SOS for Squat Theatre
photo caption: The members of SQUAT: Will we ever see their "Mr. Dead & Mrs. Free"?
from left to right -standing: Eva Buchmuller, Jossi Gutman, Sheryl Sutton, Janos Gat, Eric Daillie, Anna Koos, Agnes Santha, Peter Halasz
from left to right -seated: Klara Palotai, Peter Berg, Stephan Balint, Boris Major

1979 Andy Warhol's Last Love in Florence, - Italian Critics Best Play of the Year Award
on the picture from left to right: Borbala Major, Kathleen Kendel, Stephan Balint, Rebecca Major, Larry Salomon,Galus Halasz, Peter Halasz, Klara Palotai, Agnes Santha, Eric Daillie, Anna Koos, Eva Buchmuller

photo taken in early 1976 in Paris after the group's arrival from Hungary to France

1976 Paris, Place des Abbesses
from left to right: Peter Breznyik (Berg), Esther Balint, Marianne Kollar, Peter Halasz, Anna Koos, Galus Halasz, Stephan Balint, Boris Major, Rebecca Major, Eva Buchmuller



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