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October -Péter Halász, Anna Koós and Péter Breznyik quit the University Theater in Budapest and organize a new group.

Rehearsals of The Ballad of Two Brothers [Testvérballada] (photo below) begins in an unoccupied room of the Kassák Culture House (at Uzsoki-utca 57) named after Lajos Kassák, an avant-garde poet, artist and editor of "Ma".


January –Kassák House premiere of The Ballad of Two Brothers [Testvérballada] written by Péter Halász. Players: Péter Halász / János Marton (older brother), Can Togay / Péter Breznyik (younger brother) with Dóra Bácskay, Mária Bajcsay, László Kovács, Miklós Kovács, Csaba Virágh and Anna Koós. Director: Péter Halász. Assistant director: Mária Körmendy. The performance is banned after the first show, later to be presented in other cultural houses in Budapest.

June -'Cause Everyone Just Hangs Around Doing Nothing [Mindenki Csak Ül Meg Áll] in the Kassák Culture House. Collective creation. Players: Éva Szendrei, Dóra Bácskay, Mária Bajcsay, Can Togay, Péter Breznyik, János Marton and Anna Koós. Director: Péter Halász. Assistant director: Mária Körmendy.


January -Premiere of The Labyrinth [Labirintus] written by István Bálint. Live music: György Kurtág, Jr.with Mária Körmendy on Japanese gong. Players: Éva Szendrei / Dóra Bácskay / Anna Koós (Ariadne), János Marton / Péter Halász (Minotaurus), Can Togay / Miklós Kovács / Péter Breznyik / Istvan Szeghő Theseus). Director: Péter Halász. Assistant director: Mária Körmendy.

May - Ballad, and 'Cause Everyone and The Labyrinth. Festival de Nancy, France

June -The Labyrinth in the Kassák Culture House. The sponsoring authorities harass the group for "obscenities" such as the length of Ariadne's miniskirt and the sexual implications of the play.

August -Quick Changes, Enchanted by Remote Seas and Far Lands, or the Dragon~ Turbulent Cry Silenced by Thunder Following Lightning, in the Tibetan Sense of the Word. Collective creation. Two performances in a 2000-seat open-air movie theater. Players: Péter Halász's Grandmother: Aranka Fischer, Éva Szendrei, Dóra Bácskay, Margit Dobner, Anna Koós, Péter Halász, János Márton, Can Togay, Mikl6s Kovács and László Kovács. Live music by György Kurtág, Jr., Zoltan Jeney and László Sári. Director: Péter Halász. Assistant director: Mária Körmendy, dragon (see below) by Péter Donáth .


January 19 -Premiere of Murder in the Skanzen. Players: Péter Lajtai and Péter Halász (interchangeable father and son), Eva Szendrei (daughter), Marianne Kollár / Mária Körmendy (bag-lady), István Szeghő (consumptive man) and Anna Koós (lady under the umbrella), Péter Breznyik (restaurant musician), Dóra Bácskay (restaurant guest) and János Márton (waiter). Texts written by Péter Lajtai, István Bálint and Peter Halász. Seven-headed dragon and giant fish made by Péter Donáth.

January 19- Article about the group Hungarians Seek Stage written by James Feron is published in The New York Times.

January 24 - Banned by the authorities. The group decides to continue working in the apartment where Péter Halász and Anna Koós live in Budapest, at Dohány-utca 20. From here on the group is known as the apartment theater.

February- Murder in the Skanzen (in the apartment). Performed also at the homes of friends.

February 21 -Premiere of an untitled piece later to be named Breznyik and a Woman, here entitled Metamorphosis. Péter Breznyik has been working on a "skanzen" about himself and his girlfriend while Murder in the Skanzen was being rehearsed. Breznyik's first performance initiates the apartment theater at Dohány-utca 20. Duration: three to five hours. With Péter Breznyik and Ágnes Laurenczi (later with Anna Koós). Also: István Hézső and János Márton as angel ballerinas popping out of the closet.

April- Puppet Theater for children by Peter Halász. Improvisations on Hamlet, Santa Claus, King Kong, Saint Alick and the Blue Angel. In the apartment of Péter Nádori and Emő Dobos at Batthány utca.

Participate in the film made by a friend, the writer and filmmaker Arpád Ajtony. Shot in the ruins in the beautiful Wagner House in Buda.

May- Manifesto appears in the Fluxus publication Hungarian Schmuck, printed by Beau Geste Press in Devon, England. With photographs of Murder in the Skanzen.

Premiere of Seven Clown Stories written by István Bálint. Players: Marianne Kollár, Anna Koós, Istvan Szeghő and Péter Breznyik. Performances held regularly for a year in a variety of different apartments. One of them was the apartment of János Major and Éva Buchmüller at Kun-utca 7. The English and German translations of Seven Clown Stories are published in libretto form by composer Péter Eötvös in Germany.

June -The Breakfast of Adolph Kurtz. At Dohány-utca 20. Duration: as long as it takes for the Kaiser to consume his breakfast of several dishes. An attempt to reconstruct actions which may have culminated in a photograph. Gestures in slow speed as participants converge into a corner of the room. Concept by Péter Lajtai. Players: Péter Halász (Adolph Kurtz), Éva Szendrei (his wife), Anna Koós (the small woman), Péter Breznyik, Miklós Kovács, István Szeghő, István Bálint and Péter Lajtai (Men in their Sunday Best), Emő Dobos and László Algol (a picture on the wall).

August -Seven Days in Surány. In an abandoned sandmine the group, together with a newly formed theater company of young engineering students organized by László Najmányi, gather to perform day and night setting up tents along the perimeter. After four days, cops on motorcycle cops raid the event. A week later the group returns with a film permit issued by the Hungarian Television for Árpád Ajtony who shoots the events in 16-mm film. Cameraman: Gábor Dobos.

Two members, Éva Szendrei and Péter Lajtai emigrate to Israel.

September- Face to Face, or training to be together for an unspecifued time (suspended sheet in the room). At Dohány-utca 20. Regular evening performances for two months. Idea: István Bálint. (photo below)

December -The Puppet Theater of Peter Halász. A solo. At Dohány-utca 20. With household objects and nine phallic red chess pawns carved by Péter Donáth. Poems by István Bálint and Péter Lajtai. Improvised text by Péter Halász.

Budapest ..1969 - 1972 .xx> 1973 xxx> 1974 -76

Éva Buchmüller
Péter Breznyik (Berg)
Group photo with Péter Breznyik, Eszter Bálint, Gergely Molnár, Can Togay and others
Péter Breznyik & István Bálint
Péter Halász
Péter Breznyik, Anna Koós
Péter Halász
István Bálint and György Kurtág
Marianne Bálint, Péter Breznyik, Anna Koós
István Bálint and Éva Buchmüller
Marianne Bálint, Emő Dobos
Péter Halász and Anna Koós
Péter Breznyik and Judit Scherter
Éva Buchmüller and Marianne Bálint
Péter Halász and Can Togay