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November 2, 1979, Friday, AM cycle
SECTION: International News

Police halted a performance Friday by the New York-based Squat Theater group when a naked actress portraying a witch began making a ritual circle onstage.

Authorities said they were acting on orders from the local prosecutor who considered the play, entitled "Andy Warhol's Last Love," offensive. The show includes videotaped segments that can be seen both inside the theater and outside on the street.

The prosecutor had said the actress-witch should wear tights and he also wanted to prevent people on the street from watching.

Organizers of the Brussels International Festival protested, saying his requests would ruin the spirit of the play, and the theater group called them "disguised censorship."

The play had been shown for one full performance and was halted in the middle of the second. It was scheduled to run seven times during the Brussels festival.

Squat Theater, which has a storefront building in New York's Chelsea district, has performed the play, including the nude segment, in New York.

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